Homestead Home Care Giving Back

Acts of Kindness

Our residents, staff and community benefit from two life-changing programs we support. Please consider donating your talents or treasures to sustain their wonderful missions. You can make a difference.

A Life Celebrated

A Life Celebrated (ALC) is a non-profit organization that works to identify and provide meaningful life events for those who are facing challenges in their lives. It is our vision to connect the talents and generosity of community members with the individuals’ in need.

At ALC we believe that by giving of ourselves to others, we will receive the gift of understanding and compassion in return. Visit our website to learn more:

Bridgepointe Cares

We all need a little help sometimes. Be part of the solution!

The work our team members perform daily is physically and emotionally challenging. Many of our employees face personal and financial difficulties of their own. Seeing this need, in March of 2019 we set up the nonprofit Bridgepointe Cares. We wanted to offer our employees who are experiencing a temporary financial hardship or crisis some financial assistance.

This program relies on generous donations from fellow employees, management and the families and friends in our communities.

Some examples of the ways we have already assisted our co-workers and their family members:

  • Financial assistance to a young single mother with a child who had a serious accident and was in the hospital for months. This support allowed her to be with her child while he was in ICU.
  • Assisted an employee who was living in her car with 3 young children to find housing and additional government assistance so she could find long term housing and continue to work.
  • Provided assistance to an employee who was in an abusive relationship. Without our help she would not have had the ability to leave a toxic and harmful living environment.
  • When an employee had to decide between paying rent or having an auto repaired we were able to cover the cost of the car repair.
  • To avoid shut-offs we covered the cost of utility bills for an employee who was working and taking care of an ill parent.

Many of our employees are trying hard to make a better life for themselves and their children. Any unforeseen incident causes devastating consequences that causes incredible stress to them and their family. Knowing they can apply for some financial assistance through our company, provides the necessary help they need and reinforces our core belief that we are meant to reach out to others in need.

If you would like to make a donation or learn more about Bridgepointe Cares please call 248-735-1020 or email

How Can We Care For You?

Homestead Home Health Care Services is committed to providing you the care you need – when you need it and where you need it. We can help a few hours a week or up to round the clock care. We understand that choosing a home health care company can be a difficult decision.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the process and what we can do to provide for the needs of you or your loved one. Please contact one of our caring team members to learn more about the services we provide and how we can care for you or loved one. Whether you prefer phone, email, or in-person conversations, we’re here for you.

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