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Home Care Reviews

Homestead looked after my mother for the 18 months she lived at her senior facility. As she was in the Detroit area and I was in Chicago, they were my eyes and ears. They were always available to discuss her care and advise on what was best for her in the moment as her health deteriorated. I valued their experience and compassion in helping our family make some tough choices. It was a comfort to not have to go through that on my own. I got to witness the caregivers several times in action, and they are special people. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them.

– Krista T

I would like to express my praises for the Homestead Health Care staff. When you are there you can see the loving care and concern that the staff have for the residents. They are always watching over them and you can tell by the way they talk to them and the hugs they give that the residents are well loved and cared for by the staff.

It is nice that Homestead is there 24hrs a day.

My mom has lived at her senior living community for 4 years and I can talk to Linda or the staff about how my mom is doing anytime I am there.

You can be assured of great care by all the staff.

– Sandy O, 02/19/2019

My mom has been a resident of a senior living community for over a year. I find this awesome staff to be caring and supportive. Linda is very hands on with the residents and keeps me informed.

– Judy

I could not manage without the care of Homestead staff! Their team is the best. They are attentive, caring, positive and kind. They know when to alert me to a potential concern and are open to straight forward communication. My mom is in the best care. Thank you! 10 Stars if I could!

– Maureen, 06/25/2018

The caregivers at Homestead took my parents in like part of their family. My mother passed away last fall and dad is in independent living. Our three caregivers still look after him and tease him. He loves it!

With an extensive range of services, we contracted with Homestead to receive daily care and light housekeeping services for my ninety-seven year old father following hospitalization. Homestead maintains a convenient and easily accessible location on-premises of his senior living community. Onsite leadership, beginning with the manager and senior nurse is outstanding. Both are very easy to work with, responsive, and understanding of my family’s individual needs. Daily caregivers are delightful, respectful of my father, and appropriately balance his desire to maintain some independence while providing the requisite car.

Homestead has been very attentive to my mom’s needs and understanding of her condition. They are very compassionate and always have my mom’s well being at the center. Our caregiver is always pleasant and responsive; If I have a question about my mom’s care, she’s always available to take whatever time is needed. My mom is in the Detroit area and I live in North Carolina; it’s a great relief knowing that I can count on Homestead.

– David S

How Can We Care For You?

Homestead Home Health Care Services is committed to providing you the care you need – when you need it and where you need it. We can help a few hours a week or up to round the clock care. We understand that choosing a home health care company can be a difficult decision.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the process and what we can do to provide for the needs of you or your loved one. Please contact one of our caring team members to learn more about the services we provide and how we can care for you or loved one. Whether you prefer phone, email, or in-person conversations, we’re here for you.

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